Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finished my quilt!

4 classes,4 weeks one hurricane later I have finished my quilt. For the first try at quilting or sewing for that matter I think it turned out fairly well. This evening during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics I was sewing up the last of the edge of the quilt. I was told by our instructor that this is typically done by hand even in quilts that were otherwise sewn on a machine. So my is done by hand. I think I got the hang of the blind stitch on the second side and I cut out the first side and re-did it toward the end. I was much happier with the result after that. Really there is only one mistake in the quilt and I'll leave you to find in the accompanying picture.
After learning how to quilt I have written a grant and I hope to be able to buy some quilting materials to use in my art class. I think the kids would enjoy the process, even if we only make little pot holder quilts.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurricane Fay

Panoramic picture taken with my cell phone.

Gandy Bridge 2 days before Hurricane Fay blows by Tampa Bay.

I went for a bike ride today over the Gandy bridge. It is hard to believe that Hurricane Fay may hit us in a day or two. But then it always looks very calm before a storm. I just hope that all the kids tomorrow are safe getting to school. Yea thats right school starts and a day later a hurricane hits. I guess it can only get better!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Oh! this is fun. I just found this yesterday and have become fascinated with Twittearth. According to the developers this site was made for fun. OK but I think it illustrates the power and reach of the web and social networks. Go to the site and watch the globe spin with twitts. This is all happening in real time and what you are seeing is a worldwide conversation. Wow! I showed this to a group of teachers and I think that it really opened their eyes to ways that social networks could be used in the classroom. Unfourtnatly most social networks are blocked from our schools.
(In the screen shot above each of the little figures is a twitter and the location on the earth is where it orignated)


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