Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google Wave

Wow, This will be something.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture a day

I have been taking a picture a day since the first of January without missing a day. Yesterday a took a picture that I'm not sure that I can post on flickr. Not because of the content but because of the way the image is created.
I just discovered a Microsoft site that allows you to have a group of images combined into one "Synth". With this you can use your mouse to move around an area. I did one of my classroom.

You have to upload a small viewing program which to me is a drawback but other than that it is pretty cool.

Friday, May 15, 2009


OK I can finally write about something my wife and I have been working on for about 9 months. No it's not a baby. But it was for my baby.
As you may know we have taken up quilting but we did it for a particular reason. My daughter Jessica is getting married this weekend and when she and Jarod announced their engagement a year or so ago we decided to give them a memory quilt. I looked into having one made and WOW were they expensive. I thought "shoot I could make one cheaper than that!" So Jan and I took a class in quilt making and set out to make them one.
Last September we picked out fabric and sent out fabric squares to friends and family that indicated they would participate. We asked that they put some type of memory of Jessica or Jarod or the couple on the square and then send to back to us by January 31. That would give Jan and I three months to put it together.05-10-09
Well the last pieces did not arrive till the end of March with one coming much later than that.
We gave Jessica and Jarod the quilt yesterday at a picnic in their honor. They loved it and Jan and I are very happy to be able to give to them what will become part of their history.
Oh and the late square, that was from my brother and it received a place of honor on the back making this a two sided quilt!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Doormet Gourmet Delivery

I have a friend who blogs about food so I thought I'd give it a crack.
Tonight I stopped at a place down the street called Doormet Gourmet Delivery. It is an interesting place, very urban. The decor is minimal, black glossy chairs, wood tables, tecno club music playing.
The staff was very friendly and helpful. On the counter was freshly baked garlic flatbread and according to the gentleman behind the counter was made from the same dough as the pizzas. The owner explained that he and his brother worked on perfecting the dough for a year. It was very good.
The menu offered fresh salads, pressed sandwiches, pastas, fried rice, and brick oven pizza. It was hard to choose, I ordered a sizzling steak sandwich, marcala pasta with grilled spicy Italian sausage and the southwest fried rice.
05-11-09_1748 We split the sandwich 3 ways and shared the other . All the dishes were very good and there is enough of the marsala left over for lunch.


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