Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quilt Continued

I have got pretty far on the quilt for the Harvest Festival this weekend. I have to stop now because I'm about 8 inches short on the border. Humm, I suppose in the future I should always get a little extra fabric. So tomorrow I'll finish the border and then work on pinning the batting and backing down. I think that I can quilt it with the machine we have at home. I did a little test today and made a little quilted potholder and the plain foot on the sewing machine worked fine, although I may have to put extra pins in to hold the layers steady.
Oh I'm feeling a little too domestic so I think its time for a beer and some football!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Quilt

Well I had to open my big mouth at church last week. "Oh you know how to quilt? The Harvest Festival is coming up and that would be great for the craft booth."
Jan is out of town so I think I'll have some free time this week so I have challenged my self to finish the quilt before she gets back.
 This one will be frogs and flowers. The fabric is washed and ironed and this evening I'll get the pieces cut. I don't know if I'll be ready to sew this evening but I'm sure I'll get started tomorrow.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have just added a Firefox Add-on to my computer called ScribeFire. This add-on allows you to quickly post to your Blog with out having to start up your blog editor.
At first I thought that this was an interesting add-on with out much practical purpose but after installing and starting it up (you just click f8) I see that it may be useful. I'm posting this with ScribeFire.
The interesting thing is that the extension opens in the lower half of the browser window while the web page you are on remains open in the top part of the window with full browser capabilities. I see this as making it very easy to blog about information I find online.
One of the options that ScribeFire allows is Live Preview where the post is temporally published to your blog so that you can view it with your blogs formating. After you return to editing the post is removed from your blog.
This is pretty cool and I'll see if it increases the number of posts I publish to my blog.

Monday, September 8, 2008

It will all be obsolete

I've been planning for a presentation\workshop that I am giving in October to the FAEA. The theme of the workshop is incorporating web 2.0 technologies in the art classroom. I began researching and planning for the workshop last February.
Some of the technologies I will be presenting I use regularly others not as often but I had prepared to present on all. I wanted to show the participants options on blogs, wikis and podcasts. As well as other ancillary web based tools.
Well in going over my presentation I have found that about a third of the sites\web tools that I had prepared for had already gone through significant changes.
This fact of web 2.0 (I use this term loosely to cover a very large and fluid group of tools I access via various electronic devices) changes and evolves at a progressively rapid pace.
So what you learn now will not be applicable a year from now. This makes this new media both very engaging and frustrating at the same time. PB Wiki has changed significantly 3 or 4 times in the year or so that I have been using it.
This creates an environment of continuous learning and I think that the workshop that I will be giving will have to reflect that fact. Participants coming to the workshop will be learning how to use the web to learn. They will find that some of the presentation I may have discovered only the night before while Twittering or reading over my blog feed.
This reminds me of the way very young children everything is new, exciting and they never know what to expect the next day. An adventure.
I hope no one wants a paper handout, I would have to bring a printer with me and print as the workshop was given. Even then it would not be current.


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