Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida

My wife and I just received a notice from Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida that our homeowners insurance was being canceled. Or in their feel good words "non-renewed" which I’m sure some corporate wordsmith really enjoyed writing. Apparently the main reason for canceling our insurance was not from not paying our insurance bill or making too many claims (we have made one in the 19 years we have lived in the house). No our Nationwide Insurance was canceled because of L.I.F. or Living In Florida.

Our house has survived, with out damage, several hurricanes. We have prepared our house for the next by trimming trees and preparing plywood covering for all our windows. We are ready and so is our house but apparently the only risk Nationwide is willing to take is if our insurance payment might be late, and they never were. So after 19 years Nationwide just up and bails on us.

Thanks A Lot Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida.

Now I guess that Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida can’t take all the blame. The Florida Legislators in Tallahassee also need some of the blame for this happening. In their “Show me the money” attitude the Leaders of Florida allow insurance companies in Florida to keep their books separate from their parent company. So I send money to Nationwide Insurance but it really is only Statewide Insurance.

What will I do you are thinking. Well Monday I’ll go with hat in hand and ask my agent if there is an insurance company that till cover my home, the one that has had one claim in 19 years. To me that looks like a pretty good risk.

Nationwide may be on your side, but not on mine.

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