Saturday, February 23, 2008

Racing ahead, falling behind.2

Now that I have thought about my previous post for a few days I thought I would describe my journey of incorporating technology in the classroom.

I have been teaching for less that ten years and when I came into the classroom most schools already had computers in the classroom and they were networked together. But at that time the primary use of computers was word processing. Some were using e-mail but not for important communication that was hand written or printed out and sent via student to the teacher or placed in their mailbox. A few teachers were using "Learning" games on the computer.

Coming to teaching later in life and having used computers in my business I knew that they were capable of doing much more.
Keeping records was something that I always found tedious at best. And much to my early dismay I found that most teachers are very consistent record keepers. Computers also do tedious and consistent very well. We were using Macs at that time in the schools and Apple had a great simple program for creating databases. I used that to create a student behavior database and was beginning to create a grading database when our tech teacher said that the school owned a grading program Orbis GradePro. but no one used it but the software and instructions were in the box and I was welcome to give it a try.

Ooh I was in heaven. This program allowed me to keep track of students grades, attendance, seating chart and notes on the student. I was able to print out charts and graphs on my students after just a little set-up (ok that set-up consisted of typing in all 500 of my student names) But it was worth it because it gave the illusion that I was as organized as a veteran teacher.

The graphs and charts proved to the other teachers and administration at my school that I was some sort of computer savant. Because of this I was able to move into my room a really cool blue and white Power Macintosh G3 and the only scanner in the school. People came by to see that the computers in the classroom could be used for something other that showing screen savers of kittens or grandkids.

To be continued.......


Goader said...

I also use computers whenever I can. The school I am at recently received a portable computer lab. Do you know of software that allows the teacher to monitor what students are doing at any given time?

I just downloaded an evaluation version of Easy Grade Pro and it looks good. I will try anything to get rid of GradeQuick (what we currently use).

Whom can I email for a license number to register my copy?

Chan Bliss said...

Look at SynchronEyes
and your school tech or area tech will have the district # for Gradepro.


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