Sunday, April 13, 2008

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This is pretty cool I have been messing around with some new to me web 2.0 tools. Jott, Sandy, and Blogger. Ok Blogger is not so new but the other two are. Jott allows you to sent a text message or e-mail by speaking into your cell phone. I use it to send e-mails to myself with ideas, thoughts, and to do items. I can also use it to respond to my sons text messages, much easer that trying to type in on my phone.
As the previous post shows I have also discovered how to use Jott to add posts to my blog with my phone. The first few words spoken are used as the title and then the rest is transcribed into the body of the post. Jott has a 30 second limit so the post will be brief but then most of mine are.
Sandy takes an e-mail and converts it to a daily calender entry. All you have to do is include the phrase remember or remind me in the e-mail and Sandy figures out the rest from the text of your e-mail.

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