Wednesday, May 7, 2008

End of the year

Only about 11.5 days left on the school year. It doesn't see possible. So many things planned but not yet accomplished and other things that I didn't plan on done.
I've actually got quite a few teachers at my school venturing into web 2.0 teaching. One is creating a wiki with her students about the history of the area around Mary E Bryant. Two other first grade teachers are working with their students creating MixBooks of art work created in my art class. Both of these projects are big steps for the teachers.

View this book full size or get a printed copy at Mixbook

Next year should be very interesting because the theme for the year is going to be " Learning through Technology" or something to that effect I'm not sure what that means or where that will lead us next year but where ever that is it should be an adventure.


Anonymous said...

That's our theme?!?! No one would tell us at school. I can start planning a bit. Thanks!

ruthef said...

Also wondering how year went so fast. I am looking for ideas for my K-5 art classes that involve "learning through technology". Would love to know what you have done or are planning.

Chan Bliss said...

Well Ruthef I'm in the process of creating a wiki devoted to "TechArt" or "ArtTech" lesson plans. It is still in the developmental stages but I'll post the URL here and you can take a look.
Later this week I'll be at a workshop with the district working on model lesson plans and at that time I hope to flesh out this wiki more. All but one of the lessons I have already used in my classes. The lesson "Guess what I'm drawing" is one that I'm planning to use next year. It should be fun.
I also have this wiki with some different information on it


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