Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday I gave a workshop to a group of art teachers. The theme of the workshop was incorporating digital tools onto the elementary art classroom. I used a wiki to present and demonstrate various ideas I have used or plan on using.

Some teachers caught on very quickly to the concepts involved, others struggled but kept trying but a few just gave up and did not try.

I was a little frustrated with the last group because I thought that if the teachers would just by try a little harder that they would get it.

Well today I have a little more understanding of the teachers that just gave up. I was working on my “second job” which involves rolling schools in our district over to Active Directory. Part of that process is preparing for folder redirection which is how users data is stored. I have a very small part of that process which is checking that users are in the right folders.

The other part is applying the group policy for folder redirection. I watched one of the network administrators do just that and I have no idea what magic he did. I could not even begin to duplicate the process or even describe what happened on the servers and domain controllers he worked on.

So those of you that were in my workshop and left feeling that the workshop was given in Greek I feel your pain. I’m not sure how many times I would have to be shown the process of “applying a group policy” before I got it if I ever would. But I’ll keep trying. And I hope that the teachers from my workshop will also.

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