Saturday, November 1, 2008

FAEA Tech Workshop

Web 2.0 Presentation
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Last month I led a workshop at the FAEA State Conference on using the new web 2.0 tools in the art classroom. I originally signed up to present this workshop last February. Over the next few months I created a PowerPoint, handouts and wiki describing how these new tools could be used in the art classroom. By the end of May I was satisfied with the presentation and I put it aside to work on other projects.
Big Mistake!
In September I revisited my wiki and was surprised to find that many of the tools I had featured in my presentation had changed or I was using different tools. I realized that the presentation could not be on specific tools or exact way to use web 2.0 in the classroom but must be about the evolving nature of web 2.0 and learning in general.
My presentation became totally web based. No powerpoint, no handout except for a business card with the url of the workshop wiki, my e-mail and more. Also did I mention tha the theme of the conference was Green. You can' t get much greener only using one sheet of card stock for all the handouts in a workshop of 15.
Doing the workshop in this way I was able to and did make changes to the presentation up to the last minute and even added to it during the presentation. And by having the presentation in wiki form and the workshop was in a computer lap participants were able to add their thoughts and ideas to the wiki.
By having the workshop web based I was able to use the equipment available at the site the workshop was given, less wear and tear on my back lugging all my tech tools around. Just show up with a pocket full of cards and I'm good to go.

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