Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sometimes even when you know change is coming when it happens it is still a shock.
1982 while still in college I first used Polaroid film as part of my chosen profession. Yes I had used Polaroid before, my parents had a huge Polaroid camera I think we got it in the late 1960's or early 70's. It was great and we took it everywhere. Polaroid Automatic 350
But in college I began using it as part of my professional photography.
5466959  I then used for the next 17 years all variates of Polaroid  film. During the height of my professional photography career I would use two or three boxes of film a day. To check lighting, proof shots for clients, record ideas, ok locations,props, models with art directors.I cannot imagine shooting without it.   I even carried a timer and thermometer with me to use the film as a backup to my light meter. (Polaroid develops at a precise rate according to time and temp)With that knowledge and a good lab I very rarely had over or under exposed film.
About 2 years ago I first heard rumblings that Polaroid would be ceasing production but today I read on a  web site imaginginfo.com that December 2008 is the last month of production. No more, the end, find something else to use, start stockpiling.
I'm sure, no I know that there are kids that have no idea about Polaroids but they sure were fun. I really enjoied pulling that film apart and seeing the image. The excitment of being on location and relizing that I was down to the last few sheets and I knew that the art director would want more, they always wanted to see yet one more Polaroid.
I think I still have part of a box of 54 stored away. I think I'll take some Polaroids on December 31 in memory of a friend.


Snippety Gibbet said...

What a lovely homage. My bff's grandmother has been stockpiling the stuff for a while now. She would not even consider using another camera.

I remember having a "Swinger" Polaroid back in the day. It took some grainy photos, but they had an interesting quality to them.

craigr said...

Check out the pages of Polaroid pictures sent into CNN.


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