Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 photos 2010

I'm going to try again to take 365 photos this year, one a day and post then to Flckr and blog about them here. The first two were taken while on a visit to Jacksonville for News Year.
01-01-10 Jan and I spent New Years Eve with my sister Palmer Ann and her new husband Joe. We had wine and played games. Lots of fun.
01-02-101-2-10 was at Tim and Cheryl's house with other family and friends. Here the girls are raiding the refrigerator.

On 1-3-10 I received a very early text from our friend Leslie. At about 2am this Leslie while partying in Vegas she wondered what Jan was doing. I sent her this image.
Being as how I'm trying to keep this blog PG I can't show what was happening in Vegas, that will stay there.

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Good for you for keeping this going another year. I wanted to do a 365 SOMETHING, but since this is January 3, I guess I'm a bit late in the decision.


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