Friday, September 12, 2008


I have just added a Firefox Add-on to my computer called ScribeFire. This add-on allows you to quickly post to your Blog with out having to start up your blog editor.
At first I thought that this was an interesting add-on with out much practical purpose but after installing and starting it up (you just click f8) I see that it may be useful. I'm posting this with ScribeFire.
The interesting thing is that the extension opens in the lower half of the browser window while the web page you are on remains open in the top part of the window with full browser capabilities. I see this as making it very easy to blog about information I find online.
One of the options that ScribeFire allows is Live Preview where the post is temporally published to your blog so that you can view it with your blogs formating. After you return to editing the post is removed from your blog.
This is pretty cool and I'll see if it increases the number of posts I publish to my blog.

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