Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Test

I began this week giving the HCSD Elementary Art Assessment. Oh are the kids excited, come to art and take a test.
Now don't get me wrong I believe that valid assessments are an important part of education. But the thought that a single pre-test and post-test shed any light on a students growth in art or any subject is just foolish.
Last week while scanning the various blogs that I read I came across a video by Chris Lehmann and about a minute into the talk he made the statement that "good data cost a lot more than we are willing to spend". Ouch that hit the nail on the head. We create standardize who's main function as I see it is to create numbers masqueraiding as data.
I know that the FAEA is in the processs of creating a state wide standardize art test. This could be a good thing from what I have seen from a plemenary  review of possible test questions I saw last year. but I'm not sure how the test will be paid for. Will it be part of a State mandated assessment like FCAT. Or will individual districts have the option of paying for and administrationg the art test? I don't know.
I do know that watching the students in my art class that growth cannot be measured during a single class. Often I see no growth at all untill all of a sudden a student gets it! But it may not be at the same time that other students "get it". So if I assessed at that time some would show growth and others not. Even if the other students "got it" the next week, that would not count. That is a problem. Do I have the answer, no I haven't gotten to the point in my education to "get it" .....yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There. I came across your blog as I was searching online for info on test elementary kids for art. I am an art teacher in Southgate, Michigan and this whole idea is being tossed around in my district. I think it's absurd---I could go on and on as to why, but I won't here. I'm just wondering if you found any other articles or data, and if I could use your blog entry in my pile of stuff for an argument not to test. Please let me know.


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