Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't believe everything you are told.

OMG all these people accepting one source of information about Shirley Sherrod. First the blogger Andrew Breitbart claimed to have only seen part of the video he posted on his blog. From that sound bite the USDA and the White House jumped to fire Ms. Sherrod. Now they all are claiming that it was all a mistake and are sorry for what happened. Okay Breitbart is a professional journalist and should be use to checking his sources. Then the USDA and the White House, do they believe what ever they read. Don't they have interns to check these kind of things out? 
Now I see why kids and adults are so easily sucked it to believing what they read on the internet.
Now I don't know a lot about Shirley's and Andrews political beliefs I'm guessing that they are far apart. But the story she was telling of her life up to that point is very interesting. She came from a rural souther town at a time of segregation and lynching. The part of her story that has caused all the controversy is about 17 minuets into the talk.

She tells of having power over a white man. Because of this encounter she realized her own prejudice
Know the whole story and make your own decision.

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