Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No time for art

180 days of school to go. Not that I'm counting but that translates into 36 classes of art each year for an elementary student. 27 hours a year, a little more that a day of art each year or one week of art in their elementary school career. Not much time when you think about it.
Especially now that in Florida art is no longer required in middle school. Oh yes there is a requirement in high school that a student take a minimum of 1 credit Fine Art, but of course this has been watered down to read: 1 credit in practical arts career and technical education or performing fine arts; or .5 credit each in practical arts career and technical education and performing fine arts.
So it could be that my art class is the only art exposure that a child may receive in their entire education. I take this responsibility very seriously and understand the effect on a child's future that I hold.
Now when I say 180 days to go you understand that I see that as not too many but not enough.

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MichelleZ said...

Thank you for your passion and dedication to exposing our children to art. Humanities and the arts were very important to me in my youth and it is the memories of my time in those classes and of those teachers that have stayed with me. It's a disgrace that our school system doesn't support it more, especially since involvement in art and music are a proven link to higher learning and intelligence. Perhaps something like a 'wax museum' project would be a great way to further immerse the children? ;-)


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