Sunday, January 25, 2009

365 day 25

I have been photographing and posting a photograph a day for the last 25 day. I try and force myself during the day to create an image of find a moment that should be preserved. Some days it is easy others I forget till late in the evening and have to come up with something.
I have been using my cell phone camera for many of the images. It is quick and I always have it with me. I am going to start using the images as part of my blog because I'm having difficulty finding time for both so I might as well combine them.
Today's photo is of my daughter Jessica and her fiance Jared.
They came to Tampa this weekend for a quick visit and for Jessica and her mother Jan to go over some plans for her wedding. Jared is learning to tread carefully when offering his opinion about any thing related to the wedding. Good for him that talent will serve him well in marriage.

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