Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh! those darn kids, what are we to do?

Last Friday I read April Griffins blog “Things we used to teach our children...” and It really got me thinking.
First whether we, as teachers should be teaching manners and civility in the classroom. I have come to the conclusion that the answer is no. Should we demand civility and good manners from students? YES. But not spend valuable class time teaching it. I then thought about how my children learned manners. And I think it was from many people.

We were lucky that our children had many kind and loving people in their lives.
When they were young and went to day care we had “Big Mama and Big Daddy” take care of them. These two were great Big Daddy had retired from the military and some how talked his wife Dig Mama into opening a day care in their home.
Big Mama was the drill sergeant and Big Daddy was a big teddy bear, the kids loved it. And in their home my kids learned how to be friends with others and to play nice. They still have friends from that time.

Our church also played a big part in the lives of our children. Mrs. Flossie ran the childrens ministry and she taught the kids the power of a quiet voice. No one acted up in her Sunday school. If they did they were quietly but firmly redirected. My son was redirected often.
As my children became older they were Acolytes at our church and that taught them poise before a crowd.

My children were also involved in Scouts, both Boy and Girl Scouts. I think Scouts taught them that there is a time and a place for everything. My son went on in Scouts to become an Eagle Scout, a very proud moment in both our lives.
My daughter worked in high school at the YMCA and there she learned how to work pleasantly with other even if they really pissed you off.

Did my wife and I teach them anything? I hope so but probably not as much as we would have hoped. But we did provide as stable home environment as we could. Do I think that a school could have taught them to become the fine young adults they are. No it is too big a responsibility for one group or organization to handle

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Snippety Gibbet said...

How could you turn out anything but wonderful with people whose names are Big Mama, Big Daddy, and Miss Flossy?


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