Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off Line

Last Sunday I was checking the times that "24" came on and on the search result page I saw a site of Jack Bauer jokes. I should have known better.... This is what popped up next. Then page after page of ads started appearing on my page. Ooh pull the plug switch off the computer too late the damage was done.
I first tried running several virus, spyware ect ... programs that I have. Then I did research on the site that was the start of this. It appeared that there was no cure for the problem. I kept my computer off-line and tried to work the problem but every time I connected back on-line the windows would start popping up.
Aarg!!! Next I tried logging on as another user and as an local administrator on the computer. Oooh no problem, humm the issue was just with my profile on this computer. Ok I can solve this, just delete the problem user, me.
Fortunately I have been very careful as of late to be backing everything up in multiple locations. All of my bookmarks are stored on Foxmarks my photos on Flickr and music on an external hard drive and server.
This wasn't as bad as having my computer just flat out crash but I figure that even if that had happened I still would not have lost very much except time.

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